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Winter Masters starts on Saturday March, 17
Next week (Saturday, March 17, 2018) we will start with the Winter Masters. The main difference compared to the previous Masterses is that the matches until the finals will be played for three weekends, and only fewer matches per week

Winter Masters 2017/18 in preparation
After nearly 300 completed matches during the League, the preparations for the Masters are under way. A new, shortened system is planned, according to which matches are played during the weekend, and only on exceptional occasions during the working days

Tennis Center Stup includes a pro tennis shop, which sells a variety of tennis equipment and accessories. Currently, the following items are available:

Tennis racquets Tennis balls Grips
Vibration dampeners Strings Wrist bands

The pro tennis shop offers professional and quick stringing of racquets. This is done on an exceptional electrical stringing machine. Only the best strings are used.

The pro tennis shop also rents out racquets.

A special offer is renting of tennis ball machine. When you do not have anyone to play with or just need to fine tune your strokes, this is a perfect option for you. Our professional coaching staff will help you set up and give you some free tips along the way.

The pro tennis shop soon will be expanded to offer an even wider range of tennis equipment and accessories. A new, larger store space will be built to allow for this expansion.

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