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Winners by the level groups
Older 40+ I group Bola, II group Ċ ljivo Younger 40- I group Marko, II group Damir K

Masters Summer 2018 completed
The Masters Summer 2018 was completed Sept.29th. The traditional TCS evening after the final matches in all categories, was the opportunity to announce the most successful players and enjoy in pleasant atmosphere, domestic food and lot of drinks

Masters Summer 2017 successfully completed

After completion of the final matches in the presence of close to 40 participants, in a friendly atmosphere and with a rich selection of homemade specialties, a traditional gathering Evening of Tennis Center Stup was organized. On this occasion, the most successful competitors were awarded and appropriate prizes were awarded


02.10.2018. Winners by the level groups
02.10.2018. Masters Summer 2018 completed
21.09.2018. Masters Summer 2018 at the very end
10.09.2018. Masters Summer 2017 at the end of group phase
02.09.2018. The Group part of the Masters is in progress
27.08.2018. The Masters Summer 2018 has successfully started
20.08.2018. The Summer Masters 2018 starts
15.06.2018. Summer League 2018 is approaching the half of the Cycle
18.04.2018. Summer League 2018 starts
18.04.2018. Masters Winter 2017/18 successfully completed
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