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Masters Ljeto 2019 Group part
Group part in the younger category is fully completed . In the older category in 3 groups there are 5 matches left. QF and SF matches are due for completion this week and this weekend

Masters Summer 2019 started with a small number of matches
Due to extremely bad weather with a lot of rain, only 12 matches were played in Masters Week I. The weekend ahead is an opportunity to make up for the delay

Nikole Šopa 217 (Bojnička bb)
+ 387 33 468 231
+ 387 33 457 286

TENNIS CENTER STUP is located in Stup, a part of Sarajevo close to area Alipasino Polje.

During the summer (the start of May until the end of October), Tennis Center Stup offers 4 clay courts with night lights and a big summer terrace with café and other high-level services.

During the winter, Tennis Center Stup offers 2 courts under a bubble with the same facilities and services that are offered during the summer.

Tennis Center Stup is a half-closed type of complex, which gives possibilities for usage of fixed hours during summer and winter.

Tennis Center Stup is open every day of the week and 24 hours a day. The regular working hours are 7 am to midnight, with a possibility of using the courts during the night too.

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