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Summer League 2017 in full swing
Summer League 2017 successfully takes place. A large number of interesting and uncertain matches (133 so far) has been played,competition is very strong . Thanks to the balloon, despite the bad weather, there is no interruption in the League performance

Tennis Center Stup Evening
After completing the final matches the traditional party TENNIS CENTER EVENING is organized . The cups are assigned to the best competitors, and present participants (over 40) spent once again very pleasent time with local dishes and a wide selection o

Nikole Šopa 217 (Bojnička bb)
+ 387 33 468 231
+ 387 33 457 286

TENNIS CENTER STUP is located in Stup, a part of Sarajevo close to area Alipasino Polje.

During the summer (the start of May until the end of October), Tennis Center Stup offers 4 clay courts with night lights and a big summer terrace with café and other high-level services.

During the winter, Tennis Center Stup offers 2 courts under a bubble with the same facilities and services that are offered during the summer.

Tennis Center Stup is a half-closed type of complex, which gives possibilities for usage of fixed hours during summer and winter.

Tennis Center Stup is open every day of the week and 24 hours a day. The regular working hours are 7 am to midnight, with a possibility of using the courts during the night too.

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